Fort Preble, Maine

June 23rd 1850


My dear Sisters,

I am very sorry to hear such unfavourable accounts of Will’s health.  I had no idea that there was any tendency to consumption in his case.  I hope he will be benefitted by his intended trip, and by taking precautions in time he will be able to regain his health.  You do not say how long Lydia will be at home.  I shall apply for six months leave in a few days, but will not be able to leave here for some time yet.  Maj. A. has been away for about a month and will be absent probably a month longer.  I can not possibly leave before he returns, and not then, I am afraid, unless Congress pass the appropriation bill.  I have a good many unsettled public accounts, and not a cent of money so that it is impossible for me [turn?] over my accounts in this state, but just so soon after Maj. A’s return, as I can settle my accounts I will make [Jno?] a visit, which I hope will not be longer than the 1st of August.

I have been busy making some repairs at the Port this spring and have been pretty much occupied.  To tell the truth I have no idea the time had slipped away as it has.  The jack was perfection itself and was the admiration of everyone, particularly Milo, who in a sudden fit of admiration, one day, seized it in his mouth & paws, and no doubt would have reduced it to the original worsted in a short time had I not rescued it, with the damage of a couple of holes through it.  I have darned it up so that it scarcely shows at all, and with a lecture which I gave him at the time, and keeping it out of his reach, I think it quite safe from any further attempts on his part.

We have our summer at last, after a very busy cold and wet spring.  I am getting [rather?] out of [concert?] of the climate.  This spring has been miserable indeed.

Write soon and let me know how Will is getting on.  How long Lydia will remain with you, and all the news at home.  I see by the papers there has been a subterranean lake discovered under part of the good City of Lancaster, but as you say nothing about it, I suppose the excitement is not in your vicinity.

Give my love to Aunt, Father, Lydia, and all the family,

& believe me,

Your affectionate

Brother John



Hal & Ellie Reynolds,

         Lancaster, Pa.