Hd.Qrs., Seymour’s Div., [P.R.V.C.?]

Camp near Harrison’s Landing, Va.

Aug. 4th 1862, 9 P.M.


My dear Miss Reynolds,

I have this moment rec’d a note in pencil from Genl. Reynolds via flag of truce, which I copy for you.


Prison Richmond, Va.

July 30th 1862


My dear Lamborn,

Your note with the package came safely to hand a few days ago.  Please accept my thanks for your attention to this and other matters, as mentioned in your letter.  This disposition made of them was very well.  We are all as well as could be expected, under our very irksome confinement, but are daily in expectation of joining you.  Capt. K. & Genl. McCall are well.  My regards to Genl. S., Dr. King, &c.

Yours truly, &c.



I give the letter verbatim, thinking it probably will have been the latest news you receive, and knowing that the smallest items will be of interest to those so much connected and so anxious as yourselves.  The package I forwarded thro’ Genl. Williams and hence was not left to the alternative of “confiscation.”  We are delighted with the prospect of seeing the Genl. and confidently look for him tomorrow or next day.  His old brigade are jubilant in anticipation of his return.

The Genl’s account of his capture (as given me by your letter for which accept thanks) corresponds with what I saw a couple of weeks ago in a Richmond paper.  To the effect that “Lt. Robert Craig Taylor,” who commanded the picket that took prisoner Major Genl. Reynolds on the morning of the 28th June, was killed at the battle of Malvern Hill, July 1st.

We are waiting and sweltering in the hot August weather till the good people of the north send us more men.

My acknowledgements to Miss Ellie for her letter from Newport.  I write with you all in congratulations on the Genl’s speedy return and with kindest regards.

I remain most truly yours, &c.

Chas. B. Lamborn