Hd. Qrs. 1st Army Corps

May 9th 1863


My dear Sisters,

We are on the North side of the Rappahannock again—after passing from the North to the South side twice, once at our old crossing under Burnside or near there, on the extreme left of the Army and then at the U.S. Ford on the extreme right 23 miles off.  We did not effect much more by our crossing than to be slaughtered and to slaughter the Rebels.  I think it will turn out that they got more of the spoils than did we.  My Corps was very little in action and has of suffered very little; tho' I do not consider its morale improved by the operations.  It is Gen'l H's intention to move again across the River at some point soon.  I have not time to write more than to say this much.

Ever your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds