April 14th 1863


My dear Sister,

Yours of the 12th came today.  I wrote you a hurried note day before yesterday, and have only time to do the same now.  Our operation may be said to have commenced and all papers for the Army of the Potomac stopped for the present, tho’ I do not know that it has been made public.  This time I am of course full of preparation & business and have little time to write much.

I wrote about the presentation in my last.  Neither Meade nor I can be there and Harry will have to postpone his visit until after we occupy Fredericksburg.  Even then we may be so far in advance of the City that it will be difficult to visit us.  I regret he did not come down in the winter when we were certain to be stationary for a time.  Now our movements will depend upon the enemy and what we can effect in dislodging him from his entrenchments on the other side of the river.

With much love to all at home, believe me.

Your affectionate Brother,

John F. Reynolds


Miss Ellie Reynolds,

                  Phila., Penna.



         The news from Charleston is not of the most favorable character, as it is looked upon here.  [Newborn?] or [Foster?] rather was not a favorable aspect tho’ it is to be hoped he will be relieved by the reinforcements.  I am anxious to learn what you hear from Will!  Yours ever,