Hd. Qrs. 1st Army Corps

April 11, 1863


My dear Sisters,

We have been so employed with preparations for the march that I have been fully occupied, you may imagine together with the Reviews and Entertainment of the Presdt. and Mrs. L during the past week.  Ellie's letter from Lancaster came the 8th and my answer to the request to be present in the presentation of the Sword in Washington is that I presume without doubt that we will be moving about that time and it will be impossible for me or Gen'l Meade to be present in the occasion.  If I had any official information on the subject, I would ask him to receive it for me or someone of my friends in the Reserve Corps.  Col. Fisher or Lt. Bratty.  I have had [however?] as yet no information to that effect and consequently can take no measures towards it in any way.  You may, I think, as well give up any expectations you may have formed regarding your visit on that interesting occasion.

The Presdt reviewed the Cavalry Corps last Monday and we dined with the Party that evening at Gen'l Hookers the next day he visited the camps.  Wednesday he reviewed the 4 Infy Corps. nearest each other together.  Thursday my Corps alone and Friday the two Corps on the right from which he returned to Washington very much gratified with all he saw as he ought to have been indeed and if the troops only fight as well as the looked, no expectations however great, need be disappointed.

All interest is just now centered upon the news from Charleston.  We get nothing however from the opposite side of the River here.  Today they seem to be quiet, which we think is rather favorable than other wise.

I can say nothing of our plans here.  Should success attend us at Charleston and Foster get out of his scrape it will do an immense deal to inspirit our troops here and with proper management which bids fair to be the case will achieve a success undoubtedly.

With much love to all at home, believe me

Your affectionate Brother

John F. Reynolds


I have not heard from Sam & his military expectations lately.


I enclose you a "Carte" of a Stray Reynolds sent to me by the individual himself, asking a place on my staff.  I have no vacancy there for him and not one for his Photo so I send it to you.  I know nothing of him; he is a stranger to me and his Regt. I think is not with this Army.  It appears he has been in some trouble with his Regt. and applied to me on account of the name as I know of no other reason.  It is quite a cool proceeding at least.