Ft. Preble, Maine

January, 1850


My dear Hal,

I received your note a week since but have not before this had time to answer it.  Maj. Anderson has, as I expected he would, to go on to Georgia in relation to the settlement of his Father in Law’s Estate.  I have in consequence been kept pretty busy, but am just in time to say that I have written this much.  I am rather disappointed in learning the little progress which the Jacket has made, from your account.  I am afraid the winter will be over before there is a prospect of its being completed.  I enclose 2$, a note on N.Y. State which I hope will be available for the purpose required.  Fortunately our winter here has been remarkably mild; tho’ we have had a great deal of snow.  It has not been any way as cold as last winter.

I am very sorry to hear such unfavourable account of William & Sarah.  I hope you have had [better?] and better news since.

Kate from her account must have had a “nice time” in Phila.

I am glad to hear Sam likes Baltimore and is contented there.  When you write give my love, &c. to [Jane?] & George.

I expect Maj. A. back every day now.  He has been gone a month today.

Give my love to Aunt, Father, and all at home.  And hurry the jack on as fast as possible.  The Ladies in Garrison have been busy working at jacks for themselves and I have promised to out or _____ all with mine—when I get it.

Your affectionate Brother



Miss Hal Reynolds,

         Lancaster, Pa.